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A Cooling Therapy By MEDI-PEEL~Instant reduce swelling, puffiness & irritation while improving elasticity, firming skin and tightening pores!

★★MEDI-PEEL★★ 冰感按摩棒及速1分钟降紅收紧皮肤的武器!

MASSAGE has the power to make our skincare routine work better!!

MASSAGE applicator is a great way to enhance skincare products absorb effectively!

Applying 'chill' to the face has multiple benefits.

Which is why the 28 days Medi-Peel Cooling Skin fits right into our skincare regime.


De-puff and brighten tired eyes.

Reduces swelling of swollen face and provides skin tightening for younger looking complexion.

Massage with cooling stick after skin care helps to boost makeup by increasing makeup adherence.

The wide surface area of the product helps to maximise the application of skincare products to penetrate your skin evenly and effectively.

The cold constricts blood vessels, creating a “pulling” effect that helps tighten pores, firm skin, and helps skincare products sink in deeper & absorb better. 

The cooling stick will help calm skin down, reduce redness and swelling, especially for those with sensitive skin or painful acne.

WHY not just DIY a cold massage by using ice cubes wrapped in gauze, or using a frozen metal spoon??

Medi-Peel version provides a more comfortable experience with its design.

The cooling stick has a wide surface area – as wide as your cheek – that easily covers ground as you massage your face.

There are no sharp edges to the device, so you can glide it all over your face in eye, even on the eye area.

★★How to Use★★

Freeze 28 Days Medi Peel Cooling Skin inside the freezer for 3 or more hours.

Apply your daily skincare routine & massage gently on the areas of concern with the cooling stick for absorption.

Rise up with water after using & restore it in the fridge freezer.


Do not exceed 20 minutes when massaging the skin & rather than massaging one place for long time, apply on all areas evenly.

There isn’t an optimal time of day to use the applicator, whenever you feel like a massage is in place, simply start gliding the device over your face in circular motions.

Massage the cold surface on your moisturizer or overnight mask, will helping the products penetrate your skin evenly & absorb better.

★★Product Suitable for Everyone★★

The aluminium surface of the cooling stick helps to reduce puffiness, especially the areas around the eyes & cheeks.

SAFE & COST SAVING!! Medi-Peel Cooling Skin is a self-massage applicator that cools down skin using refrigerant & REUSABLE without charging.

MEDI-PEEL 冰感按摩棒及速1分钟降紅收紧皮肤的武器!


紓解肌肉疼痛, 不论是上班族 (舒緩眼压), 小孩小撞伤, 医美术后, 都可非常方便的使用.




上底妝前用按摩棒滾动脸蛋, 达致收紧粗大毛孔和撫平细紋效果, 令妝容变得更光滑, 創造无暇及贴服的底妝.

冰感按摩更有提亮肤色和舒緩泛紅肌肤, 达至改善皮肤暗啞泛黃的常見问提.

短時间內促進血液循环, 去除眼部浮肿问提以及改善水肿等问提.


表面采用阳极氧化处理, 防止静电和生锈.

全材料使用医疗器材级别, 对人体无不良反应.

不需充电, 无限反复使用的半永久性产品.


使用前先放在冰箱冷藏3小時, 即可使用.

护肤后, 用它作按摩, 有助提高加強保养品的吸收力.

使用完后, 用清水洗就可!