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★★中文版请往下划!100%正品!!如有虚假原银奉还!! 100% Genuine with MONEY back Guarantee & Imported from Korea!!

Wrap your skin care routine with the most effective ★★Your Beauty’s Key for moisturized skin!!

Do you want your skin to look grow & dewy like the Korean Stars?

Try this Amazing Cledbel 24K Gold Luxury Lifting Cream! Get your skin looking GLOW & IDEAL with CLEDBEL!!

CLEDBEL24K 黃金紧緻膠原提升脸霜, 韩国皇牌全效顶级脸霜, 被称为韩国”❤女星脸霜❤” 含有高膠原蛋白成分,有效抗皺去細紋,增強韌度加強緊緻達致超強提升效果,同時做到抗皺功效。特別針對眼尾、面部下顎等!!

Cledbel 24K Gold Lifting Cream formulated with the combination Of Peptide & Collagen even more than Firming & Lifting sagging skin, the effect is GREAT & helps improve skin elasticity & glowing Complexion!!

The Face Lift Solution lifts not only the face but also tightens the chin and neck wrinkles. Get your skin looking soft, radiant & young!!

Who needed this?

Do you have a dual facial complexion?

Do you desire to have GLOWING Korean skin?

Want to get GLOWING skin at the comfort of your own home??

It is natural for our face to lose some of its youthful fullness. By taking some preventive actions, we can slow the effects of the AGING SKIN!!

It’s Never too late to make a change with CLEDBEL 24K Gold Luxury Lifting Cream, It helps tighten & to get your smooth & glowy skin complexion!!

★★Multiple Effects★★

ANTI-WRINKLE & LIFTING: Non-watery formulation that is thick with nutritional extract, its helps to stimulate skin cell & help slow down collage depletion.

WHITENING: Contents Gold Extract with whitening properties that helps skin discoloration. Reduces wrinkles & brightens your skin yet giving glowing face complexion.

ELASTICITY & FIRMING: A concentrated gel texture rich with Vitamin E & Fatty acid which gives skin natural boost, with just 1 application you will able to have lifting & tighter effect instantly.

Result are Instantaneous~ Results can be instant & effects will last 10-14 hours. Consistent usage will allow effects to last longer & your skin will be lifted naturally.

★★Product suitable for all skin type★★                                                                                                  

Rich in vitamin E & Argon oil:  Helps skin to maintain moisture & hydrates to restore firmer skin appearance; yet absorb easily & in non-greasy.

Gold Extract helps with Anti-inflammation:  It’s gentle & reduces itching & irritation while also reducing acne & preventing scarring, even sensitive skin can be used without irritation.

★★Main Ingredients★★  


Acts as thickening agent & antioxidant.

Potential skin sanitizers.

Beneficial for skin as soothing agents.

Shea Butter:

Has high healing power. 

Helps moisturize skin. 

Treat many skin problems like wrinkles, itching, eczema etc.

Argon Oil:

Helps to hydrate & soften skin.

Absorbd easily & in non-greasy.

Rich with Vitamin E & Fatty acid which gives skin natural boost.

53% collagen Extract

Help to reduce sign of ageing such as fine lines & wrinkles. 

Helps to treat sun damage, improve elasticity & give your skin a glowy complexion.

★★Other Ingredients★★  

Gold Extract, Peptide & 11 Natural ingredients with Paraben free!!

Using 24K gold (purity 99.9%) with melting thread collagen extract + Gold thread collagen & hyaluronic acid.

★★How to apply★★  

Apply Day & Night in circular motions for optimal results. Gently apply over entire face & neck.


Step: Cleanser ▶ Cledbel Mask ▶ Toner ▶ Eye Cream ▶ Serum ▶ Cledbel 24K Gold Luxury lifting Cream ▶ Magic Whitening Glow Serum In Cream ▶ Sun Screen

CLEDBEL Face Lift Solution~ Cledbel 24k Gold Mask + Luxury Lifting Cream; Use this both for ULTIMATE results!!

★★Brand Story★★

Cledbel Face Lift Program Gold Collagen Lifting Mask, Established in 2007, Cledbel is one of the leading Korean beauty brands, with products appearing in Allure, Elle, Grazia, and Bazaar magazines.


让你在家也可一次性解決提拉, 美白, 抗皺皮肤暗沉失去光澤 等問題!!


超強去皺:含7种胜肽与11种植物提取物 有助改善肌肤血液循环 , 延迟肌肤下垂情況和老化。

美白: 高浓度黃金膠原蛋白成分,有效抗皺去細紋,特別針對眼睛部位, 增強眼皮彈性,提升眼角位置,有助眼部周圍的不均勻色素, 祛黑色素。

超強提升: 含有乳木果油,增強韌度加強緊緻達至超強提升效果,同時做到抗皺去細紋功效。



含有高浓度黃金膠原蛋白成分具有保湿镇定功效, 改善肌肤痛痒问题同时也防止多油脂分泌。 吸收超快,温和保湿, 清爽不油腻.







洗脸霜  ▶ Cledbel 黃金面膜  收缩水 ▶ 眼霜  ▶ 精华液 ▶ Cledbel 脸霜  淡斑精华霜 ▶ 防晒霜.

**CLEDBEL 24黃金緊緻提升套裝建议Cledbel 24K黃金紧緻脸霜 面膜 一起使用双管齐下 ,打造不一样的惊人效果!!

使用后立马可以看到效果, 效果可以持久10-14小时. 长期使用可以让肌肤保持提升收緊效果, 令肌肤回復彈性.

*以上分享只屬個人立場 產品效果因應不同皮膚性質而有不同反應 效果因人而異*