AHC Ultimate Real Eye Cream For Face 6th Editions

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Looking for a luxurious ULTRA Hydration EYECREAM that can be used for EYES & FACE too at the same time? Eye Cream with TRIPLE Functional: BRIGHTENING, ANTI-AGING & WRINKLE TREATMENT.

★★AHC全效顶级眼霜★★ 被称为韩国 女星眼霜” 含91%天然成分三重功能性: 美白, 抗老与改善皺纹. 为您唤醒肌肤潜在的美丽.

The Secret of Korean Actress ▶ Use eye cream for entire face for optimal moisturizing effect!!

Eye cream is the most concentrated skincare product because eye-zone is prone to early signs of aging.

AHC’s Eye Cream SELECTED AS THE BEST eye cream in the blind TEST by random people & won the BEAUTY Award provided by GET IT BEAUTY from KOREA!!

The 6th Edition eye cream added ‘Micro Emulsion Bio Sensor System’ Exclusive technology that allows ingredients to absorb deeply into skin.

The exclusive patented peptide ingredient “Aqua Peptide” Heptasodium Hexacarboxymethyl Dipeptide-12: AHC’s own independent peptide ingredient helps create skin with strong elasticity.

The product was awarded the first prize at the worldwide In-Cosmetics Asia 2016 for raw materials, while SCIE-grade theses were published and patents were registered** for 4 countries. (Korea, the U.S.A., Europe, and Japan)

★★ Multiple Effects ★★

AHC's concentrated eye cream with 91% of natural driven ingredients will make your skin flawless, ageless and radiant.

Younger & firmer eye area: Help lifted eye zone; improved dropping of eye lid & smoothing of eye area.

Brighter Eye Area: Improved eye-bag, dark circle & reduce melanin.

Supple Skin: Less nasolabial folds / reduction in depth of nasolabial folds/ dimension of nasolabial folds reduce/ reduce mouth wrinkles mitigation.

Fully hydrated skin: Continuous moisture, strengthening skin barrier & thickening of skin layer.

Softer skin texture: Smoothening of skin texture, enhancing skin transparency.

18 peptides help improve antioxidation & enhance your skin elasticity; help diminishes fine lines and gets rid of fat granules around the eyes.

Rich nutritious rice extract with ultra-hydration help deeply hydrates your skin & lifting effect.

★★ Product suitable for all skin type ★★

Rich, nutritious rice extract deeply hydrates your skin but absorbs quickly.

Low irritation Anti-Aging Eye Cream with 91% of natural driven ingredients such as Goami Rice Extract & coconut water. Effective for whitening & anti-wrinkle.

★★ Main Ingredients ★★

Calyx extract of Rubus Hirsutus Thunb contains abundant oleanoic acid: Known for anti-aging & antioxidant ingredient.

The red roof of Salvia Miltiorrhiza Bunge Root Extract: Brightens up the pigmentation & makes your skin radiantly glow.

Nutritous rice extract from abundant dietry fiber: Rich nutrition help makes your skin deeply hydrated.

★★ Other Ingredients★★

18 Kinds of Peptides-11 Complex Peptides, 5 natural Peptides & 1 Vitamin Peptide

Natural water: 46% of Goami rice Extract & 15% of green Coconut water

17 Patented Plant Ingredients

8 Eco-certs: Herbal ceramide complex & Paracresflower extract

Contains Vitamin B5 Arctic Acacia Plant extract ingredients, pine extract ingredients.

★★ How to apply ★★

Apply Day & Night.

Tips: Step:
Cleanser ▶ Toner ▶ Serum ▶ EYE CREAM ▶ Moisturizer ▶ Sun Screen Cream

Eye Treatment: Gently apply appropriate amount to eye area by tapping & in circular motions for optimal results.

Facial Treatment: Act as Moisturizer, apply all over the face area (especially forehead, smile lines & neck) massage gently in circular motions for optimal results.

AHC 第6代全效眼霜, 融合了感应性高分子技术, 结合全新的微乳化科技, 使营养成分深入渗透肌肤, 可全臉改善膚色暗淡问提. 此眼霜不僅適用於眼部, 也可用於面膜皺紋, 法令紋, 額頭紋, 頸紋.

★★ 主要功效★★

淡化细斑: 防止干紋改善眼皺,改善眼部周圍肌肤松弛、护膚細滑紋理.

促進眼周血液: 清爽不黏膩,不会引起脂肪粒及有助消除油脂粒.

祛除黑眼圈:有助眼部周圍的不均勻色素, 祛黑色素.

提拉紧致:修复保湿、提升眼部弹力, 消除眼袋、浮腫.



含91%天然原料萃取; 配方温和,更轻薄,吸收更快,滲透力更強不油腻. 孕婦及敏感皮肤都可以使用.

★★ 主要成分★★

莓花萼提取物: 幫助改善皺紋.

透明资酸: 保湿、锁水,避免水分流失.

91%天然原料萃取: 更轻薄吸收更快,滲透力更強.

膠原蛋白: 提升肌肤紧緻度, 並有效撫平細紋.

含46%糙米提取物: 紓緩, 補充肌肤水分并保湿.

國际18种专利成分: 提高吸收技術.

維他命 B5: 具保湿、潤肤、柔敏、紓緩等功效.

★★ 使用方法★★


小贴式: 洗脸霜 ▶ 神仙水 ▶ 精华液 ▶ 眼霜 ▶ 乳液.

眼部护理: 取出适量的眼霜並以指尖輕拍於眼周,轻轻按摩至完全吸收。配合按摩能加強血液循环,效果会更显著.

面部护理: 当脸霜乳液使用, 均匀涂抹脸部,法令紋,額头紋, 颈紋位置,轻轻按摩至完全吸收. 配合按摩能加強血液循環,效果会更显著.