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Looking for Luxury line of Skincare with affordable price?? AHC HYALURONIC TONER Aka SK2 Ultra hydration skincare product from Korea.

A.H.C玻尿酸保湿神仙水, 号称平价版 SK2 女星最爱 懒人必备, 一瓶就包括 收缩水 + 精华液 + 乳液的功效 三效合一神仙水!!

Ultra Moisturizing TONER⭕ with Triple Functional: MOISTURIZER, TONER & WATER RETENTION!!

Delivers dewy soft and fresh feeling while botanical ingredients supply intensive moisture to your skin.

The Toner keeps skin hydrated & smooth with 3000mg Hyaluronic Acid that acts as powerful water retention.

★★Multiple effects★★

Intense hydration: The formula contains hyaluronic acid, which provides high moisturizing effects. Deeply moisturizes rough & dry skin to keep it moist & healthy.

Soothing and calming: Packed with 5 natural ingredients- bergamot leaf, rosemary, lavender and chamomile helps lighten skin complexion.

Tightens loose skin pores: The hydrating effect of hyaluronic acid stops inhibits slackness by dryness. This soothing enhancer also diminishes fine lines and gets rid of fat granules around the eyes.

Water Coating for Drought skin: With 3000mg Hyaluronic Acid that acts as powerful water retention.

★★Product suitable for all skin type★★

Dry Skin: The formula contains hyaluronic acid, deeply moisturizes rough & dry skin to keep it moist & healthy.

Oily Skin: The formula contains Vitamin B5, an effective ingredient to treat damaged acne-prone skin; helps remove the acnes and impurities. Moisturizing & quickly absorbed texture; delivers dewy soft and fresh feeling.

Sensitive Skin: The formula contains lavender extract, which soothes and calms your skin.

★★Main Ingredient★★

Hyaluronic acid is one of the most Superior moisturizing ingredients. Hyaluronic acid also helps pore tightening care.

Contains 3000mg Hyaluronic acid: 1gram of hyaluronic acid able to absorb 500ml of water, which equivalent to 500 times of absorption capacity!! This ingredient is excellent in fully hydrating & smoothing dry & rough skin.

★★Other Ingredients★★

Containing the ingredients from fragrant flowers & refreshing herbs.

Scented Geranium, tea tree leaf, bergamot leaf, rosemary, lavender, chamomile, freesia, chamomile & peppermint.

★★How to apply★★

After cleansing, just apply appropriate amount on face & neck.

Apply Day & Night in circular motions for optimal results.


Step: Cleanser ▶ AHC HYALURONIC TONER ▶ Eye Cream ▶ Serum ▶ Moisturizer ▶ Klavuu White Pearlsation Cream.

★★ Brand Story★★

AHC (Aesthetic Hydration Cosmetics) offers luxurious products meant to bring the same results as would professional spa treatments.

AHC is amongst the most prestigious Korean cosmeceutical brands, being distributed in over 2,000 professional skincare establishments throughout Korea.

A.H.C 玻尿酸保湿神仙水, 韩国火红的神仙水号稱平价版 SK2!! 超保湿补水, 轻松打造水嫩肌肤!

懒人必备, 一瓶就包括 收缩水+  精华液 + 乳液 的功效三效合一神仙水!

特别推荐给乾性, 缺水, 敏感, 油脂分泌过盛或粗糙肌肤!

可以改善外油内干的皮肤, 也能保湿收敛已达缩小毛孔的功效!

玻尿酸和花成分, 让干燥和疲惫的肌肤细胞长期保持水分, 提高肌肤保湿力.

活跃肌肤细胞原有的活力, 清爽紧致, 提亮肤色, 滋养补湿, 抚平粗糙表皮层 , 增加肌肤之弹性.


补水保湿: 含有多分子玻尿酸, 能在肌肤表面讯速形成多维结构的储水保湿膜.

镇定肌肤: 含有5种香草成分-佛手柑叶, 迷叠香叶, 仓兰花, 甘菊花, 薄荷等植物成分有助補充營養要素, 讓肌肤如朝露般水盈充沛, 柔潤嫩滑, 改善肌肤痛痒问题.

收毛孔: 透明质酸利用其具备的效果改善因干燥与下埀的皮肤, 同时帮助缩小及紧致毛孔.

补水护理: 含有3000MG 玻尿酸, 高效补湿及锁住水分流失, 消除干燥和白色角质! 让肌肤嫩滑水潤, 远离细纹.


干性皮肤: 含有高浓度的玻尿酸, 高效水合透明质酸补湿, 带给肌肤最深层的滋潤.

油性皮肤: 吸收超快, 温和保湿, 清爽不油腻, 补水同时控油脂的非泌, 没有粘稠的感觉或粘稠的完成.

敏感皮肤: 含有維他命B5及薄荷叶, 具有保湿镇定功效, 改善肌肤痛痒问题.


多分子玻尿酸: 能在肌肤表面讯速形成多维结构的储水保湿膜.

1克的透明质酸可以吸收500毫升的水分, 相当于500倍吸水能力!! 水分子更加细腻, 可以瞬间携带1000倍的营养进入肌肤底层.


維他命B5, 薰衣草萃取精華, 天竺葵, 茶树叶, 佛手柑叶, 迷叠香叶, 仓兰花, 甘菊花, 薄荷等植物成分.

改善灰暗粗糙肌肤, 活跃肌肤细胞原有的活力, 焕发肌肤新生光彩.


早晚洁面后, 取出适量爽肤水均匀涂抹轻拍于全脸与颈部, 待吸收.


步骤: 洗脸霜 ▶ A.H.C玻尿酸保湿神仙水 ▶ 眼霜 ▶ 精华液 ▶ 脸霜 ▶ 防晒霜